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Finish the Holidays with Some Family Trivia

Finish the Holidays with Some Family Trivia

Posted by Karen Power on 30th Dec 2018

Everyone loves a quiz night and there is no better time than the holiday season to enjoy some lighthearted trivia with friends and family. With the excitement of Christmas passed, the kids still off school, and the rest of us trying to forget about work for another week, we are all at a bit of a loose end so it's the perfect time to rally up a team of family, friends and test your knowledge while teasing your tastebuds. Throwing a little CAKE in gives you the perfect recipe for a good get together.

If you need a little more persuasion, here are a few reasons why everyone should love our Cupcake quiz boxsets.

Everyone loves a brainiac- a quiz is the perfect chance to flaunt your mental skills and show everyone how brilliantly clever you are.

We all love to WIN. Most of us have a competitive spirit and embrace the challenge of a quiz.

A quiz night is just another great excuse for people to get together and have some fun after the excitement of Christmas.

A quiz with cake is without question, going to get the mind and appetite working.

We have all over indulged, but we are delaying our new Year's Resolutions for another few days, and let's face it, we all need a bit of cheering up in January!

So with all of that in mind, give our Cupcake Quiz Boxsets a go.

This fun, interactive way to share cake incorporates age old fashioned trivia with cake and various different quiz topics for groups of all ages and interests. The idea is to guess the correct character or item on the cupcake, and if you get a correct answer you win that cupcake.

Rules: 2-12 Players

  • First Player: Starting at the back left cupcake announce your match to the other players.
  • Next carefully take a peek under the cupcake making sure nobody else sees.
  • If correct you get to keep and eat. If you are wrong put it back and pass to the next player.
  • Every player gets to eat one.
  • Rules: 1 Player
  • See how many names you can match then eat them all!
  • Sounds simple? We are sure some of our cupcake themes will get a good giggle going among your group.

    Play with the family and kids, you can choose from themes such as Pop Idols , Beautiful Princesses and Sea Mammals.

    For sporting fans choose from Worlds Top Footballers and WWE Superstars.

    Adults test their knowledge with themes such as Super Sports Cars, or Hollywood Legends.

    For the kids, they will have fun guessing Disney's Princesses or test their nature knowledge with Sea Mammals.

    If your feeling a little naughty and brave enough, see who has expert knowledge in their

    Kamasutra Positions, and who knows, it might even spark up a little romance! 

    All of our cakes are baked freshly in our bakery in London and delivered to your door. We have crafted our recipes for our cupcakes with delicious flavours for you to choose from. Our Genoese vanilla sponge is filled with a delicious buttercream and jam. We do a delicious gluten free vanilla sponge cake so that no one is ever left without cake at the quiz, and a sumptuous chocolate fudge cake-a top to toe chocolatey creation. 

    We deliver Monday to Friday and your cake will keep perfectly fresh delivered on a Thursday or Friday for the following weekend and we can deliver to your home, office or neighbour if you are out, which makes enjoying fresh cake for your quiz easy.

    Our free delivery service operates from 8am - 8pm Monday to Friday, and we text you in advance to give you notice of when we are arriving so you can pop to the shops, or you can request delivery before 10 am or 12 noon Monday to Friday.

    Whichever you choose we guarantee our boxsets will be a delicious treat and great topic of conversation, and who knows you might even learn a little something new.


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