New Forbidden Forest Attraction For Harry Potter Fans

New Forbidden Forest Attraction For Harry Potter Fans

18th May 2017

Harry Potter Birthday Cake, By The Brilliant Bakers

It may have been some time since the Harry Potter series finished on film but thanks to its many spin-off books, merchandise items (including Harry Potter birthday cake!), not to mention the latest addition to the film universe, Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them – the world created in the stories will carry on for a long while yet!

It’s actually been TWENTY YEARS now since the first novel in the series, Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone, by J.K Rowling was published. Quickly growing in popularity, thanks in no small part to Rowling’s industrious output (the next two novels followed within 12 months of each other) it was no surprise to see the film rights snapped up, which would go on to further bring Harry Potter to worldwide attention. Today the series lives on through its many spin-offs and tie-ins, including Pottermore, an interactive website and an official studio tour.

New Harry Potter Studio Tour!

Warner Bros. Studios, located at the former air base in Leavesden, Hertfordshire, was used as a base to film many of the interior scenes present in the Harry Potter series. Once the films were completed, much of the studio was given over to create The Harry Potter Studio Tour and the attraction has been a huge hit with fans of everything Hogwarts ever since. Housing many of the sets used to make the films, as well as costumes and props, the tour provides fans with an insight into the ‘real world’ of Harry Potter, as they walk around the environment that brought the books to life, as they interact with specially-arranged items that further pull them into the magical world!

Since it’s opening in 2012, the tour has proven extremely popular, not just with British fans, but with visitors from all over the world too. Thanks to its base in Hertfordshire being well-located to take advantage of the transport links that exist in London, the tour has more-or-less become an additional ‘London attraction’ for tourists, adding even more magic to their holiday!

Spring 2017, the fifth anniversary of the tour, saw the opening of a brand-new attraction; the frightful Forbidden Forest that was first adventured in during the first Harry Potter story, where it was referred to as The Dark Forest. Home to many magical creatures; including a herd of Centaurs, Unicorns, Trolls and of course, Hagrid’s former ‘pet’ spider Aragog, the woodland is strictly out of bounds for students (aside from when under guidance during a Care of Magical Creatures lesson, or whilst undertaking detention!)

Thankfully, you won’t have to suffer through a detention or invest in a number of textbooks, as you’ll be able to visit a new representation of The Forbidden Forest at The Harry Potter Studio Tour! Described by them as being ‘filled with 19 trees with a diameter of over 12 feet’ visitors will be able to walk beneath the famous giant, entwined roots on their journey and will even be able to control the weather inside of the forest, using the same methods created by the filmmakers!

Together with these imposing trees, comes a full-sized, film-used model of Buckbeak, Hagrid’s loyal Hippogriff, giving visitors an opportunity to see the ‘ incredible detail and craftsmanship that went into creating the magnificent Hippogriff’. Another magical creature who some people may not be that keen to meet in real life, as they venture into the deep depths of the forest, is that of the giant spider Aragog! The animatronic model will appear before visitors, alongside his spiderlings, delivering dialogue from his famous appearance in The Chamber of Secrets!

Officially opened on the 31 st March, this new must-see expansion of the Harry Potter Tour was designed by many of the crew members who worked on the original films and has been designed, as if required for filming. Included as part of the ticket price, the Forbidden Forest offers Harry Potter fans of all ages a further, realistic-look into the world that enamoured them in the first place.

Harry Potter Birthday Cake, By The Brilliant Bakers.

If you’re hosting a Harry Potter-themed party, then the obvious centrepiece will be a cake! Therefore, we are delighted to be able to present you with a fantastic Harry Potter birthday cake that will no doubt create a little bit of magic for any young wizard! Our cakes are available in a number of different flavours, including vanilla sponge jam and butter cream, red velvet cream cheese, chocolate fudge; as well as a gluten-free, vanilla sponge version. The top tier of the cake is 6 inches round, with the base being 10 inches.

Each of our exciting two-tier party cakes come complete with a keepsake Harry Potter toy, as well as a wizard’s hat, handcrafted from sugar, with an edible Hogwarts crest present on the top tier. We only use traditional recipes and the best ingredients available in order to bake a cake that will retain a unique and tasty flavour. All cakes that we bake will be done so, fresh on order, to ensure that only the best quality of cake is produced. Packaged extremely securely, you can rest safe in the knowledge that a cake from The Brilliant Bakers will look (and taste!) brilliant!

Don’t Be A Muggle – Choose The Brilliant Bakers For A Tasty Hogwarts Party Cake!

If you would like further information on our Harry Potter birthday cake range, or indeed any of products and service, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today. You can give us a call on 0208 778 2340 or alternatively, you can send us an e-mail by filling out our contact form here.

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