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All Party Cupcakes

Cupcake Quiz: WWE Superstars

WWE Superstar Cupcakes

Do you know someone that has the knowledge, or thinks they do? 

WWE Superstar Cupcakes

Match The Names To The Wrestler

Tripple H
The Undertaker
The Rock
Stone Cold Steve Austin
Shane McMahon
Brock Lesnar
Dean Ambrose
Kofi Kingston
Rey Mysterio
Seth Rollins
Roman Reigns

AnswersCan be found under each cupcake.

Rules: 2-12 Players 

  • First Player: Starting at the back left cupcake announce your match to the other players.
  • Next carefully take a peek under the cupcake making sure nobody else sees.
  • If correct you get to keep and eat. If you are wrong put it back and pass to the next player.
  • Every player gets to eat one, no wrestling over cupcakes!

 Rules: 1 Player 

  • See how many names you can match to the WWE Superstar then eat them all!  



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